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“No End in Sight”

More reason to stop the idiocy plaguing the country:

Hopefully this will convince the American public to come to their political senses.


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My (political) debut

*wild applause from audience*

Thank you, thank you. You’re too generous, thank you. Welcome to our first post of LinguaPasta, where we invite you folks here and at home to experience my world: highly verbose, sometimes wacky (sometimes drunk), insightful, and authentic.

*takes a long bow while audience cheers with enthusiasm*

What a great way to start this series than by instilling some zealous motivation in all of you. You see, I was never a political fellow – never cared who was in power, who they liked, who they despised, who treated them to sexual favors under the Oval Office desk. It was all distant to me – wars overseas, xenophobic legislations barring residency to illegal immigrants, Social Security concerns. My mouse cursor never once hovered over the “Politics” tab on, my car stereo never tuned to NPR fearing boring political rants, my feet never once stepped into a (rigged?) voting ballot. Maybe I was too shy and too much of a low-key person to be involved in cut-throat political debates (I was never good with debates anyways). It was always one step back to avoid confrontation, three steps back to avoid an angry Republican outraged at gay marriage.

Until now.

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