Devouring Maple Leaf Country

Hey kids. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but summer’s almost over and I’m scurrying to enjoy the last bits of the season before it’s gone for good (it took us quite a while to get to the warm weather here in Boston). So what have I been doing you ask?

Well I disappeared to the north with the family and feasted my way through the suburbs of Toronto. Markham, Ontario is about 40 mins north of Toronto and offers the best of Hong Kong in the northeast. Stockpiles of immigrants moved here during the handover of Hong Kong back to the mainland and this results in a culinary explosion of Chinese/Hong Kong fare exotic to the unfamiliar but nostalgic to expats and their offsprings (me including).

I probably gained a few pounds during my trip but it was definitely worth it. Most of the places I dined at were past favorites when I journeyed up there in the winter but one seafood restaurant in particular blew my mind away (O Mei’s, pics below); they had fresh seafood prepared in ways new to me. The curry sea snail was rich and fragrant while the giant clam sashimi was delicate and had a great bite to it. So let’s cut the crap and indulge in some mouth-watering eye candy (disclaimer: although I wasn’t as brave as Anthony Bourdain to dine on cobra hearts and the like, some of the following may be queasy to a few.)



Keung’s Delight
7030 Warden Ave E
Markham, ON
L3R 5Y2

Delicious Food Restaurant
360 Highway 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y7
*note: they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and are opened from only 11:30-1:30 on days otherwise (I kid you not). Oh yeah, grab a novel with you because you’ll be in line forever (yeah it’s THAT good).

O Mei
420 Highway 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K2
in between Pond & Times
(Cross Street: 7 HWY and Times AVE)


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