Franconia Ridge, NH

Hey there,

Some pics from my trip to Franconia Ridge, New Hampshire with the Applied Linguistics Program @ BU (Oct. 20, 2007). This is definitely a trip worth taking, even if you are the biggest, and baddest city rat around.

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Addicted to Red Maple Leaves….

Hey kids,

Just got back from another fun trip to the great North. This time, I mingled with the Quebecoise in Montreal. Great city, friendly people, tons of shopping and sightseeing (although the locals can work on their driving skills…) Although I’m starting to miss Montreal, let’s reminisce shall we?

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Devouring Maple Leaf Country

Hey kids. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but summer’s almost over and I’m scurrying to enjoy the last bits of the season before it’s gone for good (it took us quite a while to get to the warm weather here in Boston). So what have I been doing you ask?

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Weekly TGIF Entertainment Round-up


Hello kids. The week is almost over and another one is just around the corner. But before we start thinking about the coming week’s humdrum, let’s unwind a bit and soak in the summer sun.


– Best remake of a classic magic trick.

– News bloopers: News anchors and speech therapists?


Stunningly beautiful game: click the egg to move it up the ladder of nests.

Twenty Qs: really addictive game where you try to make the computer guess your object.


Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries (spooky!)

Strange Sights on Google Earth

15 Fat-Burning Foods

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“No End in Sight”

More reason to stop the idiocy plaguing the country:

Hopefully this will convince the American public to come to their political senses.

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Fashion and how it can boost your confidence

I hail from a city known for its sparkling fashion, its unique trends and personal styles. A quick survey of the supermodels-in-disguise on any bustling NYC street and you’ll notice how they emit an air of individualism, of flair, of rooted authenticity. As Chuck Klosterman writes in, “The Ethics of Paradox”, in this month’s issue of Esquire:

“[New Yorkers] usually think their personal opinions are more interesting than any movie ever made.”

We know we’re full of ourselves and darn proud of it. That said, our sense of fashion is no different.

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Revolution in the school cafeteria.

Following the recent trend of individualism and social democratization (e.g., YouTube i-Reporters, Wikipedia), here’s a story about a group of second-graders challenging the school’s lunch lady without staging a nasty food fight.

Some children got downright prolific when asked to write what other foods they would like for lunch or breakfast. Viviann requested “stake” and lobster, while Logan Strong wanted “chocolate filled panda cookies” and “chicken cordon blue.”

Seems like everyone nowadays – even kids – are taking action to make their voices heard. I wonder how they feel about the current presidency.

[via CNN]

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